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Asian American Students Alliance

We are AASA. We represent the diverse Asian American identity. We are the vehicle for Asian American activism and advocacy. We help support the Asian American community at Yale. We work in tandem with many Asian American groups to facilitate pan-Asian American dialogue and events at Yale. umbrella organization for many Asian American groups on campus. We are the vehicle for both pan-Asian American unity and Asian American political action at Yale.

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Cultural Groups

Chinese American Students Association
Japanese American Students Union
Korean American Students of Yale

The Filipino Club at Yale
Alliance for Southeast Asian Students
Vietnamese Students Association

Muslim Students Association
South Asian Society
Taiwanese American Society


Mochi Meet & Greet
Asian American Students Alliance
AASA and the AACC would like to welcome all of the incoming freshmen! This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the similarities and differences between our groups, and how we all work together. There will be representatives from each of our organizations who will available to chat about what each group does and how to become involved. We really look forward to meeting all of you!

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Our Mission

To tackle issues including diversifying faculty and curricula, increasing funding for Asian American student activities, strengthening the Asian American Cultural Center, addressing the rise in hate crimes, reaching out to immigrants and Asian American families, and increasing political representation.









Who We Are

The board consists of two moderators and nine officers. The executive board consists of the AASA moderators and the presidents of the nine member ethnic organizations.

Political Action and Education

Apply for the PAEC Conference 2015. The waiver must be completed as well.

The Political Action and Education Committee (PAEC) serves as the primary political voice of the Asian American student community and is committed to the intellectual, cultural, political, and social development of this community. Our main task is to engage in political activism and educate students and the general public concerning issues important to the pan-Asian community. Some of the ways in which we interact with the community include hosting speaker series, organizing conferences, engaging in elections and voter registration, and critiquing Asian American issues in print and online. A subsidiary organization of Yale’s Asian American Students Alliance (AASA) but with its own independent board, PAEC is a unifying locus for interest in Asian American affairs.

The Political Action and Education Committee of the Asian American Students Alliance at Yale will be hosting our 10th annual High School Asian American Leadership Conference on October 17, 2015. Over the course of the years, the conference has grown and expanded while maintaining a core commitment towards mentorship and the intellectual development of the high school Asian American community. Our conference started as a small educational program for Connecticut high school students; now we receive delegates from all over the tri-state area and beyond, bringing together at our conference a wide range of experiences and perspectives. Our keynote speakers have included alumni, professors, artists, judges, and deans; our workshops have covered the issues important to the growth of the Asian American community in the last decade. As before, a number of Yale professors will be invited to hold workshops, and Yale students will moderate discussion sessions and serve as mentors for the attendees. We are thrilled to invite alumna Nusrat Choudhury to be our keynote speaker. Ms. Choudhury works at the Racial Justice Program (RJP) at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and is committed to advocating for racial justice in an imperfect criminal justice system. We strive to provide a day where students can learn about pertinent and relevant issues today that pertain to the Asian American community, engage in active discussion, and meet and form new friendships with other attendees. Together, we will all work closely to prep the next generation of Asian Americans for leadership and activism.

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